WRC 73 Rally Poland 2016 - 30 min Service of Stephane Lefebvre damaged Citroen WRC

WRC 73 Rally Poland 2016 - 30 min Service of Stephane Lefebvre damaged Citroen WRC. Respect to the team!
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  • Why choose this service team to video that rides around with filthy arab lettering on their vehicles?

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  • mecanicos bons esses parabéns

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  • Парням видимо не сказали, что есть нормочас😂

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  • Awesome Teamwork

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  • Team work Citroen style. Well done

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  • Why not have an extra car?

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  • 😂😂😂😂

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  • 1:42 Drift

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  • the result after you get the car back from that guy that was 50% cheaper then the factory repair shop..

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  • Wow.

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  • OOF

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  • Good working

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  • 0:09 exiting like car on't even have a scratch

    End you in wordsEnd you in wordsVor 2 Tage
  • Citroen garages no longer charge by the hour for repairs. Sick of DE-visions adverts 🤦‍♂️

    Ryan McqueenRyan McqueenVor 2 Tage
  • Amazing great Job ! 😀

    mac_macmac_macVor 2 Tage
  • Вот как должны работать ребята в автосервисах

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  • FLINTSTONES 🔨 + 🚗 🤣

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  • nice service viv le france

    jimmy moussanjimmy moussanVor 2 Tage
  • Set playback speed to 1.5x and save time. And thank me later

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  • Синей изолентой надо было, держалось бы вечно

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  • Karaioo

    tom u.tom u.Vor 3 Tage
  • GOOD!!!!👍👍👍

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  • 🤔بن عمي كيف كان ايسوق هاد بنادم واقيل كان أم غمضى عينها

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  • 👏👏👏

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  • Must be nice. Takes my dealership 2 hours to change the oil.

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  • After watch entire video, try click reply button. Mechanics : "oh crap, here we go again."

    Fariz GhifariFariz GhifariVor 3 Tage
  • А сход развал?!😂😂😂

    Daniel BogomolovDaniel BogomolovVor 3 Tage
  • Once a gypsy stopped near my house with his front bumper hanging, half way off. He casually got out with a hammer and a few 5 inch nails and hammered the bumper on XD

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  • Son rápidos

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  • at ATU the need , a couple of Days

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  • Well done. Team work Always!

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  • Sledgehammer technology......brilliant

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  • i want those guys working on my citroen c3 2008 1.6 exclusive 70 000 km service

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  • Grande gruppo

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  • @ 7:30 Be nice to your colleagues or u might end up getting teabagged “by accident”

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  • Esse motorzinho ligado ENCHE O SACO!

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  • ο οδηγος τους εχωσε τρελα τους μηχανικους

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  • The best way to repair a french car? Use a big hammer!

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  • poprostu klasa

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  • For miracles, we ask for 30' delay...

  • Wowww

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  • Impressive...

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  • عباقرة... السرعة والعمل المتقن سر النجاح.

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  • Fuck Yes..Wow

  • Как он чётко встал в квадратик на полу на этой развалине 👏

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  • The funny thing is the driver didn't hit anything, Citroen cars tend to fall apart like that.

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  • This is how dental work feels to me

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  • I'm a mechanic but I need 30 minutes to drink a cup of coffee

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    • Wtf are u machine how can u talk

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  • Как записаться к ним на ТО?

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  • hammer guyfixed my clio

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  • 15 jours de travail en 30 minutes.

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  • That slippery floor us gonna get somebody killed.

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  • strange, in this time with so many people you can repair all car. they didn't even close trunk.

    Giorgi PekhmashviliGiorgi PekhmashviliVor 8 Tage
  • Im interested how they attached the rear shock absorber if thr rear was damaged and deformed.. the nut or bearing in the back must have been surely damaged too..

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  • I love the diligent use of the torque wrench on certain bolts👍

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  • tool lost under the car in 3:52. they never see that tool again...

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  • Зачетно ебнулся моторюга

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  • Made in France. ...ruen a rajouter bravo messieurs

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  • Один мудак ,перчатки дольше надевал ,как другие работали .

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  • Fenomeni

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  • スゲーな

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  • 2019 year #fromindonesian

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  • Mermi

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  • こけてるやついるw

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  • There is this one guy who is really concerned about that left rear light... It's like his mission which starts at 26:36 and almost takes untill the end. He constantly wants to put it on but a lot of other guys are really like: 'ok ok we will put that rear light there but shall we first do the important stuff?!'

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  • O pobre se bater o carro fica 5 meses pra consertar kkkkkkkkk

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  • French at work ! Thits the best

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  • Bien jouer les gas

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  • Да этож перекупы..все черные..

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  • That was pretty amazing, but I don’t like it when they speed the video up 2x fast. I’d rather see them service the vehicle in real time. Seriously though, anyone know How did they do on the next stage?

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  • Like new

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  • Woah 30 minutes:v😲😲😲😲

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  • 1.45 lovely slip by the driver

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  • Il y a une peinture à refaire

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  • Indonesia hadir

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  • Only 1 word: WOW

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  • No steal toe boots? No safety glasses working iunder a dirty damaged car?

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  • Chapeau !!!

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  • 🇷🇺👍

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  • В России так перекупы тачки делают))))

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  • For Everything Else, there's Tape

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  • Amazing

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  • Meanwhile my mechanic takes 6 hours to change the brake pads.

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  • I swear that guy in the red works at my local garage.

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  • I had no idea damaged / injured rally cars can get back to race again like that! What exactly are the rules for damages in WRC, I wonder.

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  • très belle performance.... de vrai pro

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  • Thank god its front wheel drive

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  • That car was totaled

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  • 洗練された技術というのは美しいものだ

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  • 1:42

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  • Most important two tools to have at hand , a big sledge hammer and tape , if it's not meant to be there , smash it with the sledge and if it is ment to be there stick it back on with some duct tape , nice work lads!

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WRC 73 Rally Poland 2016 - 30 min Service of Stephane Lefebvre damaged Citroen WRC