What is a Hydraulic Jump?

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Engineers need to be able to predict how water will behave in order to design structures that manage or control it. And fluids don’t always behave the way you’d expect. On this episode of Practical Engineering, we’re talking about one of the most interesting phenomena in open-channel flow: the hydraulic jump.
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  • Danger, Danger, Danger, Will Robinson. Hydraulic flows can catch a guy in the water and beat him to death. A good engineer always thinks of his people.

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  • Thanks for sharing this wisdom, never considered this wisdom... but it's for sure worth knowing as I moved to nature from the City and I'm looking forward to backpacking through Bankhead National Forest right near me in Alabama. Again, I came back here because I saw your comment and responded to in on Samm Shepherd that I just found on YT only to seek out the latest video was his Father. God Bless Practical Engineering and thanks again for sharing your learnt with us. Keep blessing us, but most important, your family and God. Amen. Be sure to subscribe to Practical Engineering and select the Bell for notifications or new content. Peace be with all my Dearly Beloved. The Water of Life shall make you thirst no more. Come home lost Children, the Father is waiting patiently. Amen.

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  • I assumed civil engineering was boring, how wrong I was

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  • I am a civil engineering student myself and couldn't understand much and had to learn by intensive repetition thanks to your videos I have to no longer do such things . By telling the truth i can keep everything on mind.

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  • not watching 8 minutes....

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  • Saw this psudo-hydraulic jump in the sand. Pretty cool to see sand acting as a fluid. www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/comments/arc1dl/oc_the_way_this_sand_falls_on_this_sand_dune_in/

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  • Were pyramids built by Egyptians with logs, ropes and copper chisels?

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  • hey grady, could you do a video about oscillations on a bridge caused by wind??

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  • Great explanation of fluid dynamics and a brief overview of hydraulic engineering. Facts are important.

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  • Sir please explain stream line, Streak line,path line, etc

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  • Grady can you go more videos on geotechnical

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  • Fancy names for the different speeds and intersections of water

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  • Sir please mention subtitle in english bz some of the concepts are unable to understand

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  • Excellent video sir.....Will you please make a video on ''investigation of ground water"?

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  • I understand some of these words

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  • you can tell he's an engineer because his shirt is wrinkled.

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  • Totally amazing used it for my notes cuz I’m trying to study at home thanks a bunch. Made me think about stuff I usually don’t consider

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  • A very helpful information. Thanks for the video

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  • Thank you, ever since hearing this mentioned in a documentary about aqueducts build by laying out terracotta pipes through mountains with open channel flow in them I wanted to know specifics. The pipes needed ambient pressure and steady flow in them to remain sealed, thus they needed very constant gradient avoiding the water to jump anywhere.

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  • Was that kayak clip at the end taken in Utah at the Weber river?

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  • I live in the Foothills of the Great Himalaya and we have bunch of river flowing very close to the house.....so I grew up watching hydraulic jumps , but didn't actually knew that it was a Hydraulic jump...so thanks and I will (if it happens) look out for it ....

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  • I should have know this when I was studying in college . Thanks for this video

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  • I am a civil engineer and I like hydrology 😊😊

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  • Interesting, thanks!

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  • So if I take a 1/4" ID tube and let water drop from the end 3' into a pool below it will splash. Is that splash partially, completely or not at all hydraulic jump?

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  • Nicely done! Would love to see more about flow measurement devices like Parshall Flume

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  • Hi Grady - what's the biggest project you've ever worked on with a high level of influence? What was your role?

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  • I'm thinking of being a civil engineer when I'm older but I don't know what qualifications I need Please like this so that he will see it

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    • The best place to learn what requirements you need to enter an engineering discipline is from a college or university school of engineering. They will have the course work required on their website. Another place to go is your guidance counselor.

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  • I had my Open-Channel water flow exam just a month ago, you're al little lare ;) Good vid !

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  • Very interesting indeed! Thanks for posting.

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  • You should look up Brennan's Wave in Missoula, MT. It's a man-made hydraulic jump for surfers and kayakers on the Clark Fork River. I never knew the physics of it until now, thanks!

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  • A fine channel. But the background music doesnt fit and is so annoying that it is distracting.

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  • I hit one of those hydraulic jumps head on while white water rafting in Costa Rica , and I got sucked into the water and out of my raft. Scariest and most awesome moment of my life

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  • 'Energy dissipators'??? Why not just install a bunch of turbines and harvest said energy? Seems like a waste; as we burn through the last of the fossil reserves...

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  • Hey, I have a hydraulic problem: how do you extract water from wet materials constantly and without the use of aditional energy. (To simplify: make a wet towel drip without using energy(maybe weight it down?))

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  • One day, dimensional analysis will be 100% accurate.

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  • Ive actually seen a vid recently about how dangerous these can be for kayakers and swimmers. the turbulence can drag you under and hold you there.

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  • little kid swims big hydraulic jump mealsdelivered24x7.us/detail/video-TGrnwIvrZLY.html

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  • bad video, bad explanation, mediocre research.

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    • I'm looking forward to viewing your vastly improved video on this topic.

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  • You know what else NordVPN advertises on? Pirated software websites.

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  • Also there are internal hydraulic jumps within stratified fluid, such as tidal currents in fjords.

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  • Thanks for the video from Bogotá Colombia. 👍👍👍

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  • Cool! Similar things happen with electrical impedance mismatches in AC.

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  • The acrylic demo just looks like water crashing into a significantly deeper reservoir. That's not very impressive. Of course a 3mm thick sheet of fast moving water is going to stop when it hits a pool that is 10x deeper. The sink demo was much more impressive to me.

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  • Hydraulic Jump also occurs in another fluid... When air moves over a mountain range, a hydraulic jump can form on the other side and condensation can result, although it is often confused with the much more obvious Lenticular cloud of "wave lift", a separate phenomenon.

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  • very nice video

  • Stop it Grady, all a vpn does is exchange one person watching you to another

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  • That hydraulic jump at 3:58 propagates just like a normal shock. This is so cool--I've never seen the analogy with supersonic flow so clearly! Just replace the sound speed with the surface wave velocity. So this really is rocket science!

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  • Shoutout to r/HydraulicJump on reddit! www.reddit.com/r/HydraulicJump/

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  • Please translate into arabic

  • They're also infamous for killing people. Especially hydraulic jumps at the base of low head dams. The hydraulic jump there almost always causes the water at the surface to flow backwards, so that things that float (such as tourists in canoes) get trapped there and drown. "It's only a two foot drop, and a slight incline. I'm sure we can paddle past it without beaching the canoes. How bad could it be?"

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  • A Hydraulic Jump is a Hydraulic Jump

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  • Ok so what's a hydraulic jump?

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  • Wary interesting video that I fund by luck. First, I have no knowledge on the subject at all!! But I am thinking if you build a model of a dam or something to investigate on how water will behave, do that give any usable data at all? What I mean is that the water drops will be totally different in size, compared to the model and the real structure.

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  • I'm sorry but I just don't get this video or its intention. A very simple and obvious physical phenomenon is explained so long and with such vague examples that it leaves the viewer more confused and uneducated that he was before he watched this video. When a fast moving stream of water hits a still body of water it slows down and swirls in all directions. What the heck else is to it?! What were you trying to explain?

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  • Not only is water erosive, it is also corrosive as well... Most engineers know this tho

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  • OP should take a whitewater kayaking class. The opportunity to explore natural water flows through whitewater paddling is huge. It's a ton of fun and a great experience for us engineering types. Paddlers tend to call hydraulic jumps "holes" or "hydraulics". There are dangerous ones and fun ones, depending on the size and the "corners". If the corners of the hydraulic are downstream, then it makes it easier to get out. Big hydraulics with upstream or even corners can be deadly.

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What is a Hydraulic Jump?