Solving Three IMPOSSIBLE Dovetail Puzzles!!

Today I will attempt to solve all three of these Impossible aluminium Dovetail Cubes made by Wil Strejbos. All three of these cues have variations in their solutions. Enjoy!
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  • Are you Gordon Ramsay's son?

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  • da bulls

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  • I'm going to have to go back to making goddamn jerk chicken and Coco bread

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  • Can I get the specs on that Bulls lid ? I need one to match up with my vintage Starter puffy parka and that one would pair up butter smooth with it !!

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  • I love these curbs the most.

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  • This is probably the only time in my life I can say that I solved a puzzle or set of puzzles faster than Chris Ramsay. When I saw the video was uploaded I bought all three hoping to spend lots of enjoyable time solving them and watch the video after I solved them. I solved them all in about 10 minutes. Very disappointed given that these puzzles cost $70 each!

    RRVor 4 Tage
  • He put a magnet in the cap and the marker

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  • Can i take you to an escape room pls

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  • Hello Chris i am from romania at 40 years I started book tricks thanks to you thanks for tutorials and good luck

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  • *SMACK SMACK SMACK HIT DROP SPIN SMACK SMACK* huh, why isn't it working? *light tap* huh, guess you don't have to hit it that hard... I DIDN'T HAVE TO HIT IT THAT HARD?! Your videos always make me happy dude. Keep on uploading this quality content. Also, super duper congrats on the cards.

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  • 6:22 Oh wait a minute watch this. me still have trouble opening this puzzle after solving it.

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  • Please send me a bicycle deck so I can show what I can do

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  • Time to solve a puzzle! *vigorous slamming on the table*

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  • He has accomplished the impossible.... why is this man not working in Nasa?

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  • I just posted a puzzle video and the solution is an amazon gift card code, so go try to be the first person who solves it and redeem the code for yourself!

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  • Why are these things so expensive

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  • Your videos help me with my anxiety thank you

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  • Intro Me:wait a mf minute that Wizardry

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  • I saw the video with you and Mr. Beast

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  • Whats the name of the outro song

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  • the opening trick is really just a combination of 2 tricks already on the market its crazy how magician can just sell what ever they want i dont have a problem with it you cant rade mark agic

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  • Then there's me barely able to count the number of puzzles

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  • Minecraft is a blocky version of red dead redemption 2

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  • can you PLEASE do a T11 Pop Lock, Please. i would love you to do that

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  • This is the coolest channel ever you are my favorite DE-visions 👍

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  • watch this video bro . I don't know how he did it

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  • Hi shout out to mrbeast I came here from him subscribe to him

  • These puzzle videos were the inspiration to start my own channel. Thank you!

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  • Can you do a tutorial?

    VigashwarVigashwarVor 8 Tage
  • There was a slit in the card I noticed when the pen was being pulled out there was a different design on somewhat on the top right hand side

    Abirami UmasankarAbirami UmasankarVor 8 Tage
  • AGH CHRIS I HATE YOU! 😂 I have been waiting since quantum came out to get paid and get it and you just rub it in my face!! 😂 jk, hope alls going well homie

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  • Can you solve all of these Puzzles?

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  • Can you the exclibur puzzle i recently fell in love with your cgannel and i really want to see that puzzle solved, with love ❤ your biggest fan

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  • They should make a puzzle that you need another puzzle to open it

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  • Anyone here who trades xd insta : badouus

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  • Over 2 million subscribers....30k will be enough🤣🤣. Great video as always bro

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  • please speak german in one of your videos

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  • The movement of cube 3... hmmm!! Delicious!!!

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  • That intro was the most beautiful magic trick i have ever seen in my life omg

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  • Only recently found you because of your sick magic, but I gotta say I love your puzzle videos, watched so damn many, keep doing what you're doing. Your passion and enthusiasm is so great and you deserve all the love you get and way more Mr Ramsay. You sir, are tremendous.

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  • 0:03 that's disturbing

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  • I love these lofti background beats ♥

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  • Hi Chris you are amazing could you maybe teach us the trick at the start of the video and I am so glad you got to solving the dovetail puzzles 👍

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  • Everyone like this so he will see it!! Chris you are in Denis video on his second channel check it out! Channel:Deji 2nd Video:Worst Designs Ever

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  • How about a link for that sharpie effect at the beginning? That was absolutely stunning and a must have for my arsenal.

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  • 02 looks like a pubg loot crate

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  • i like the supreme hoodie

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  • Stumbled across one of his videos by accident and now I’m hooked. Also kind of curious about puzzles now.

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  • Sir can u plz make a tutorial on how to do a riffle fan plz......... sir I have been looking everywhere but unfortunately I get nothing but waste of my time plz plz plz I request you to make a tutorial on how to do a riffle fan .......plz

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  • Damn. I was out of the country and didn’t get a chance to order a deck. What a shame ;(

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  • Chris: for anyone with time to spare. Me: those were definitely made for meeeee!!

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  • Do a rewind. Try to solve puzzles you haven't done in a while

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  • Video starts at 2:30

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  • 3rd puzzle was soo cool :) awaesome videos Chris keep it going

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  • I received my 1st V2 playing cards in today! Nice cards Chris Ramsay!

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  • I have solved 5 level 6 hanayama puzzles since i have started watching your videos

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  • Starting of this video made me feel like im tripping, even I haven't had anything.

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  • What’s that trick in the beginning

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  • Always enjoy your videos. Just do you and me a favor and stop hitting your hand with the puzzles lol! If you damage/carpal tunnel your hands the videos will stop and I'll be bored 😂

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  • He's a witch

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  • I was like 4 when these came out and was so agitated with them because my child hands weren't strong enough to bang the magnetic lock loose (which I already knew from weight, smell, and touch) then was disappointed when it was only one geometric solution. Was not happy, I wrote a bad review for them. Puzzle that takes less than 1 min to solve....yay....and they were expensive too back then. Ugh puzzles should challenge your broader perspective of the physical laws of the universe and imagination. Not slide out after hitting it hard enough.... Neanderthal could figure it out. I was even trying to find a depleted battery, copper wire, a nail, a bucket, and either a base or akalidal solution to drain the magnet to make it easier. Was so sad I already figured it out, just couldn't physically open it lol but so happy after I drained that magnet of it's charge! I had 06, 08, 09 I think as well. I was expecting more smaller components on the inside to dismantle and put back together for the first magnetic lock puzzle they advertised :'( turned out I needed tungsten to finish the magnetic chemical equation with the copper in a counter current, to say the least, so I used one of my grandpa's tools and a fish hook. Drained that magnet real quick.

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  • Chris, I like your content very much but please, can you do something about these titles? I know that exaggerating of words like Impossible is the way to get followers and money and whatever but by doing this you contribute to the deminishing of the meaning of these words and that’s a bad thing for society as whole. Thanks.

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  • I think dovetail puzzles are the bane of logic puzzles because it's just about guessing

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  • This will probably get lost in the comments. I love all the puzzles you solve Chris. It got me thinking about making my own puzzles to send you. I'm an engineering student at Texas A&M and I'm getting back into being a DE-visions creator. Let me know if your'e up for a little challenge, I would really enjoy something like this.

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  • Totally enjoy watching all of these! Have you considered hitting the lap button on the stop watch when you are dealing with multiple puzzles to show the individual puzzle solve times as well? Love the content and still waiting on the Excaliburr puzzle!

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Solving Three IMPOSSIBLE Dovetail Puzzles!!