You can pay someone on Fiverr to pretend to be your girlfriend, so I did...
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  • discord edaters 🤠

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  • This video is even funnier watching with no sound

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  • Damn vic gonna be mad

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  • new to this channel, but this video felt like it was 5 minutes, that's how funny you guys were!

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  • She was so nice though

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  • Isn't this technically a online hooker?

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  • Buying gf 5gp

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  • This is the first video I watch of them and I just died of laughter I have no idea what’s happening😂😭

    Gamer 2910Gamer 2910Vor 19 Stunden
  • The amount of effort this girl has put makes me feel like she would be a genuinely nice girlfriend/wife.

    just a normal teenager with existential crisisjust a normal teenager with existential crisisVor 19 Stunden
  • Right handed and Right hook , means you actually try, if you use weaker arm you go for lower punishment. You found it funny, tho this eGirl/guy has some knowledge .

    DemonsAuraDemonsAuraVor 20 Stunden
  • Children:how did you meet mum? Me:

    Shifte_rShifte_rVor 20 Stunden
  • As soon as I see this - “A week?!”

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  • plot twist: this is actually the closest George has come to having a girlfriend

    exe GODMODEexe GODMODEVor 20 Stunden
  • Hi, just wanted to say that this is the first video I've ever seen from you, and I've never heard of you before and after watching this I instantly subscribed and I never do that, so yea keep up the great funny stuff

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  • That girl in the thumbnail hella fine tho stil

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  • Just punched my flat mate out of pure rage. 🙏 blessed content

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  • good content.

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  • Its not your girlfriend.. Its OUR girlfriend now :D

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  • She was a paid actor

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  • Lmfao i was so invested in this relationship

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  • jeez this is sad

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  • "wife" Did she leave you and then your wife isn't right?????????? ¿

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  • I'm from the U.S.. Somehow it makes this video 10x funnier apparently

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  • I never.. received... the coochie

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  • Did his flatmate ever wake up?

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  • Wow the moaning about not massaging back. That service is more real than expected.

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  • *if you click the button it turns blue* ⤵

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  • i dont even have money to buy a girlfriend... FeelsbadMan

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  • Baby prostitution

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  • make the pain stop

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  • Goddammit you never showed her reaction when you tell her that you’re a DE-visionsr

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  • So George never got the call...

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  • "Dirty Talk...16 Quid"😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Hahahaha

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  • hello future girlfriend :D my name's george but you can call me daddy i have been deprived of the touch of a woman for years now (never received the coochie) i look forwards to speaking with you (can we do this over discord by the way?) thank you my love, george

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    • spam literally anybody you know with this

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  • Atleast you could give veefroggyy - twitch.tv a shotout for using her picture in the thumbnail..

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  • How mafia works.

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  • _I feel like edating a girl is more cheap. But does that make them a hoe?_

  • Reminds me of that one Manga where some dude hires a girlfriend to lie to his grandma. Forgot what it was called though 😂

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  • This real question what is George

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  • I paid my GF $20 to be a stranger for a week =))))

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  • cuz I'm like 26 still haven't got one is it cuz i play fortnite

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  • (never received the coochie)

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  • “ says she wants to suck mi nob mam.. isn’t tha good” naaaa that got me deaddddddd😭😭😭 3:46

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  • She's gotta make money some how lol

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  • I find it funny how it says “buy it again” for the “I will draw any character as a furry”

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  • His edating appears to be as effective as irl

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  • She seemed like a genuinely nice person would be awesome if u do a following vid with her n telling her she was actually right n ure in fact that youtuber

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  • People buying a girlfriend that’s called a dominatrix or a sex worker also you can find this on a black market wed site

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