Gaby and Alex Playing Hide and Seek with Mama

Gaby and Alex Playing hide and seek with Mama. Great family fun with whole family.
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  • Gaby and Alex Playing Hide and Seek with Mama

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  • Hey ihr Lieben ihr macht so tolle Videos mein Sohn schaut euch so gerne sein erstes Wort wahr gaby 😂😍 macht weiter so LG Grüße aus Deutschland 💜

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  • Gaby and Alex and your mother, You are wonderful, and your channel is wonderful ❤❤❤😍😭💐

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  • Lovely family, my little brother loves it! ❤️

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  • i subscribed ! anyway, Gaby and Alex is sooooo cute !

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  • i love this family

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  • I wish..we have house like you and my daughter have toys like ur children...😥

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  • Cute ❤️

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  • THESE KIDS SO CUTE! This channel has really inspired me a lot in my journey! Cool ❤❤❤

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  • i like play with my Mama!

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  • Where do you get your fun children's music and sound effects?

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  • My daughter is one and loves watching your videos more than anything! Thanks for the great videos 😊

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  • sweet. good job guys :)

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  • How can anyone not like this video...My 2yrs old daughter so loves it..Thanks for the upload.Pls keep the videos coming.

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  • Hiii, Which video editor do you use?

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  • THESE VIDEOS ARE AWESOME!!! .. we have been so inspired by them we have created a channel please feel free to check out our new kids entertainment channel and subscribe for new videos regularly support Lacey on her adventures. Thank you

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  • Hi !!!.. Saludos desde Ecuador.😄.. my one-year-old twins learning English with Gaby and Alex... 👍thumbs up👍

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  • Just to let you know there is a youtube channel called "Boong family kid tv" that are stealing your videos and using them for views.

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  • So cute Gabi and Alex ..I enjoy watching your channel..😀🎈🎈🎈

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  • I love hide and seek

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  • Fun game😃 👍🏻

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  • amazing video as usual Ayan watch 100s times a day. he is big fan of @Alex and Gabi. they seems cool kids.

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  • I like your films very much. I hope that I will also learn to make films like you. Now they are weak, but I'm learning.

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  • babys les dire verdad noc mucho inglish ccreo q son mellizos

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  • Very good videos

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  • hey gaby i columbia

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  • Hi, your videos are very creative and fun to watch. I like how you teach other kids through your videos. It would be nice if you can make videos about getting kids involved in volunteer based/community service activities. Your channel has a huge audience base and such videos will surely have an impact by inspiring them.

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  • i like Hide and Seek

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  • Such a cute video to watch! Hide and seek such a fun game to play!

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  • A mis hijos les gustan mucho estos vídeos. ¡¡ Saludos desde México!!

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Gaby and Alex Playing Hide and Seek with Mama