War of the firework........but what will it look like.
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    • What will you do after reaching 8 million Fly Kim Jong rockets 😄

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    • What is the cost?!

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    • another evil blonde liar and thief at work looting what honest people sacrificed to create. Blonde devils (d elves=devels) that serve Satan's Claw (aka Santa Claus). Satan wants to destroy the world and kill all of you. Blonde devils helping him do it.

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  • Great.. You just contributed global warming by 1%

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  • I like.

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  • And I thought I was batshit crazy these guys take the whole Bakery LMAO.

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  • That was pretty awesome. Great entertainment.

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  • That was pretty awesome. Great entertainment.

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  • 5:30 World war 3 in a nutshell

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  • Bro your homies almost died..

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  • Fuck off I expected real real rockets 😠

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  • Looks like stereotypical ISIS fighter vehicles you see on tv with homemade rocket launchers

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  • Dumbass wheres ur safety glasses... wow

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  • We need this on the sun.

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  • Patriot vs S400😀

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  • What about air pollution ?

  • Too much air pollution.

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  • 7 videos of fireworks, and not a single safety google...

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  • That was freaking awsome

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  • 20million subs= make a couple thousand of these rocket battries and line them up towards Berlin.

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  • Today on 101 ways insurgents can use technicals......XD

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  • For the hard work

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  • Waiting for that pickup truck to blast 🙄

  • Do you even care for the environment. Do something which doesn't affect our environment..

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  • Idiot world wide try to reduce Earth heat but u useless fellow waste spoil earth and money bro Pls don't do this hereafter instead give food to others we give 10 million likes

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  • ok!that was cool as sh!t.....

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  • This was uploaded on my birthday!

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  • *laughs in katyusha*

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  • I thought its a military Rockets...

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  • Haven't seen a rocket launch planned so poorly since Saddam Houssein was firing on his own people.

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  • Wow amazing !

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  • А в Африке в это время детям есть нечего...

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  • I think this is Greece....each year...on Chios island...

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  • 10m subs. Nuclear boom :)

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  • Harming the environment.... Senseless guys.... 😡😡😡😡😡

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  • This was amazing to watch. Next time Put the rockets the other way (Facing forward) and release the parking brakes on truck. you might have a rocket truck that will move and boom :D

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  • Awesomely done...

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  • Drop a shite-ton of rockets from an airplane at night with you skydiving among them for 8 mil!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Damn it I said "rock it" as in "rock it back & forth"! You asked me "how do I get the beds on the trucks to lock into place?" I said, "you're probably going to have to rock it back & forth at each truck about 1,000 times.". Not "shoot 1,000 rockets out of the beds of the trucks!" 🙄🤦‍♂️🤣😂

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  • Два дибила - сила!

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  • That was fun, funny.

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  • Literally fucking love this guy he is cool af

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  • This was awesome!!!

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  • Try reaching out to youtube to do the hugest fireworks for 4th of july and to feature your channel. Youd get so much attention towards your channel

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  • That box that flew and said Epic was Epic.

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  • at 8000000,buy yourself a portable circular saw

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  • What the hell did he say??

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  • That was freaking awesome though not gonna lie..

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  • I am actully worried some what of i share or show this to someone.. Lmao

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  • rockets.

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  • If it were 1003 rockets, fired at 1002 rockets and a pickle, you would have earned a like smash.

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  • 6:00 what ww3 is gonna look like from space

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  • Nothing exceeds like excess.

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  • Долбаёбы

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  • mubasir mending sumbangkan uang dari pada di bakar

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  • Holy fuck dude!! Man that was some crazy shit. I love it!! Bigger i want bigger!! I wish i was there. Lol. Btw. The comment section is about 50% lovers and 50% haters. The haters are worried about the environment and the lovers want more. I guess i fall in the lover bracket. Lol. Your next one should be strapped to a hot air balloon shooting from direction. That would be crazy.

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  • 6000 Michaels Bays doesn't like this video :v

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  • And that's how the big bang happened kids!!!!!

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  • 4:40 German developers test new secret rockets 1939 colorized translated

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  • It polluting our planet man ...

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  • You are polluting air

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  • Sube más videos así

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  • 05:00

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  • The Car Rental company would like to have a word with you.

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  • 5:05

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  • Crazy ..... Is Little Valencia (Spain)

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  • Now that right there is what an orgasm feels like.

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  • Awesome video guys! This clip reminds me of the traditional Greek firework battle.

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