Fendt 1050 vario + 8 furrow Lemken Diamant 11 On-Land Plowing | KMWP | Pflügen

Ploughing, seeding wheat and sugar beet harvest at the KMWP farm.
Fendt 1050 vario & Lemken Vari-Diamant 11
Fendtt 724 vario & Lemken Solitair 9 seed drill (4,5m working width)
Vervaet 626 Beet Eater
We start the day on a large field of 40 hectare /100 acre on which onions have been grown this year this needs to be prepared for next seasons crop (potato or sugar beet). In the afternoon we move to another field where the last sugar beets are harvested. After harvesting this field also needs to ploughed before wheat can be drilled.

Fendt 1050 vario met een 8 schaar Lemken Diamant 11 on-land ploeg van akkerbouwbedrijf Koninklijke Maatschap de Wilhelminapolder uit Wilhelminadorp
Pflügen mit einem Fendt 1050 mit 8 Furche Lemken Diamant 11 Pflug.

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  • Adamların yastık başı bile bizim tarlanın kaç katı işe bak fendtte cabası

  • Wow 750k views on a machine digging dirt lol it’s so strange how people enjoy watching a heap of metal dig dirt. I’m here for the tulips Obviously!!! Lol

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  • Very nice video I love the different camera angles you got. I only use John Deere on my farm but that is a beautiful piece of equipment. Thanks for sharing!

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  • This is a real high quality video! Respect ;)

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  • Very nice video, as usual! But 500 hp on 8 furrow, that's completely nonsense...

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  • This satisfying video is great 😀

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  • da könnt ihr eure Richtlatte mal dran halten um zu kucken,ob sie noch gerade ist.

    mady383mady383Vor 5 Tage
  • 500/35=14 корпусов. 8/14=57% нагрузки. Зачем покупать 500к.с если хватит и 300к.с? А потому, что фенд при 70% и больше - просто умрет через 2000м/ч.

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  • do they truly need a 550hp traktor for a 8 furrow plow ??

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  • Vor 25 Jahren hat ein Case Magnum 7140 einen 7 Schar Lemken mit 3,10m Breite und Packer mit 10kmh übern Acker gezogen und heute müssen es für ein Schar mehr 500PS sein. Verrückte neue Welt.

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  • Mole board plow in 2019? WTF? Gave up those those in the 1990's in the midwest of the US because of erosion concerns.

    JJJJVor 10 Tage
    • Erosion concerns in The Netherlands LOL

      Martin SkevlaMartin SkevlaVor 8 Tage
  • Понравилось видео!

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  • This is killing mushrooms, worms and bacterias in the ground.

    Corentin DouayCorentin DouayVor 10 Tage
    • You're wrong. Worms are doing the exact same job of the plow (even better). They also transform the organic matter (complex molecules) in minerals matters that can feed the plants. They do this in cooperation with mushmush. It's not a random beast that i care for, it's a real, complex and very important composant of the ground. No worms, no mush, no bacterias -> you need to add mineral fertilizer. No biodynamic -> Glyphosate. We can feed the planet with worms, mush, bacterias that grow the plants for us, without destoying our grounds. Thx.

      Corentin DouayCorentin DouayVor 8 Tage
    • Killing worms lmao. This is polder grounds they’ve got the numbers to survive. The people need food.

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  • what are all those birds eating? worms???

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    • ja klopt. En duur. Met 300 pk gaat het ook en bespaar je al een ton op aanschaf. Dat verdien je met diesel besparing nooit terug

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  • Fantastic video of our Vari-Diamant 11. Thank you very much for the great images!

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  • you are killing your soil !

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    • +Martin Skevla Maybe for a few years, but you need to adapt your agricultur to your climate ! you need to plant trees and bush to deveop your soil ! "Developp your soil" mean that you have to put life in it : vegetal life, animals, insects, mushrooms.. Then you may have the best soil of the world ! ! Look for Mark Shepard and others permacultor principles Best regards

      T JT JVor 17 Stunden
    • He's saving the soil actually. The climate and geographical position of the Netherlands (and the bigger part of Europe) demand plowing. Run a no-till operation in the Netherlands as a farmer for 2 consecutive years and you'll bankrupt yourself. Most of Tractorspotter's videos are filmed in polders, where the lands didn't exist before the Dutch people claimed it from the sea half a decade ago. Plowing keeps the soil from turning unfarmable

      Martin SkevlaMartin SkevlaVor 16 Tage
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  • Brilliant video indeed , but the Tractor is overkill for 8 Furrows and that light soil on flat land. You can pull that with 250hp.

    Frank SchenkeFrank SchenkeVor 16 Tage
    • Anyway, my point is these contractors own halls full of machinery and mix and match whatever they've got for a job they're hired to do. Every other 1050 video there's the 'waste of horsepower' argument going on it's getting a bit dull.

      Martin SkevlaMartin SkevlaVor 16 Tage
    • Frank SchenkeFrank SchenkeVor 16 Tage
    • ​+Martin SkevlaI doubt that, sure it has that low rpm concept witch makes it very efficent, BUT it has a 12.4 Litre Engine and the combustion chambers must be filled in order to run, the bigger they are the more Fuel is needed, that's just physics. FYI, most Tractors can work at least down to 1400rpm, even a deere does that, its up to the Operator to do so. Many Traktors woud be burning less fuel doing exact the same work. Also, the configuration price is approx. 400k €(maybe you get 20% off), and i don't know how its like in the Netherlands, you know, Farmers always whining, too dry, too wet, prices down...we need eu money ............and then everyone can see this huge expensive Fendt with that tiny plow behind. No, thanks. 12 Furrows and it would be ok.

      Frank SchenkeFrank SchenkeVor 16 Tage
    • It's not about if the power is needed or not. The 1050 is extremely fuel efficient for these tasks as it's such overkill, it's plowing at 1200rpm, there's no other machine in the world that can do this job as quickly burning as little fuel as the Fendt does. Also the company didn't buy this tractor for this specific job, what are they supposed to do buy a smaller tractor?

      Martin SkevlaMartin SkevlaVor 16 Tage
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      Александр ФедоровАлександр ФедоровVor 11 Tage
  • 500 HP and only 8 furrows ?! WTF

    Soul CollectorSoul CollectorVor 17 Tage
    • +Bart De Reu on heavy clay soil you see 175/ 200hp on a 5 furrow. The kmwp plows allso whit a 6furrow plow at in front a 6215R a little tuned to 240

      Edwin De JongeEdwin De JongeVor 18 Stunden
    • +Edwin De Jonge i know that dry soil feeling, we had that in summer 2017 4 months without single drop of rain and that was devestating for plants ( Soya Corn Whet Sugar Beet ). But i hope that u guys have some watering sistems. And with all that problems you guys doing wonderfull jobs :O

      Soul CollectorSoul CollectorVor Tag
    • +Soul Collector last Year wie had a verry dry summer.so what you seen on the video looks like Sandy soil On this moment whe have still not emough water in the ground.if whe have this spring not enough rain.it can give a lot of problems this summer.on some places they can pump water of the ground.(it cald deep draining ,9 meters or so .look for ground water pumping up.) Fields direct near or in the neighberhood of sea arms or rivers.,most of them have heavy clay soil. Zo here in the south west whit 2 sea arms. The Westerschelde and the Oosterschelde.fields near the dykes are for 75% haevy. If this clay is wet. You can make a ball. And the other day and you throuwgh it to a other person.a chance he below at a hospital.

      Edwin De JongeEdwin De JongeVor Tag
    • +Edwin De Jonge I admire you Dutch people you are made it from swamp to the farming soil, and look at flowers you guys are best in the world and that is the fact. I cant imagine what will you made more if you have soil of 1 class :O

      Soul CollectorSoul CollectorVor 2 Tage
    • +Soul Collector deep plowing you see a lot on Sandy soil ground.and light clay soil The most in the middle nord and east of the Netherlands.not here in the south west. If you on Google eart look for Goes or Wilhelminadorp you can see the airea of the farm

      Edwin De JongeEdwin De JongeVor 2 Tage
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Fendt 1050 vario + 8 furrow Lemken Diamant 11 On-Land Plowing  | KMWP |  Pflügen