Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25

Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4
Matt LeBlanc:
Series 25:
Chris Harris Drives:
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  • Tesla would like to say hello... 😂

    My NameMy NameVor 4 Stunden
  • roadster 2020 does in 1.9s...

    Armando OliveiraArmando OliveiraVor 5 Stunden
  • What has topgear become...

    alex glewalex glewVor 5 Stunden
  • @ 3:45 The expression on his face is 💯 authentic.

    Mike NadonMike NadonVor 6 Stunden
  • Not a really big fan of the new top gear but that was a great segment 👍

    Tim McDonaldTim McDonaldVor 6 Stunden
  • 5000 launches without a glitch huh? Of course you are aware a few have exploded their rear ends at the line right?

    CSRT4 EverCSRT4 EverVor 6 Stunden
  • i wonder how much those tires are !!! i imagine burnouts in this baby is EXPENSIVE !

    Marcello AlmeidaMarcello AlmeidaVor 6 Stunden
  • Cam't the new Tesla Roadster 2.0 do 0-60mph in just 0.9secs?

    Nannoc22Nannoc22Vor 6 Stunden
  • @0:01 that was the worst trade deal ever

    Micah OkelleyMicah OkelleyVor 7 Stunden
  • The guy driving that Lambo doesn't know how to take off right..

    Thomas DigiovanniThomas DigiovanniVor 7 Stunden
  • Not made in America......made in Canada !! So technically it's made in North America!

    Mark EMark EVor 8 Stunden
  • Baby I’m alone in my house, do you want come? Me : 3:44

    SoniLSoniLVor 9 Stunden
  • Where is Monica and the rest of the gang?

    Fausy MathFausy MathVor 10 Stunden
  • He said limited but he means that in the legal since. This car can go 200+ miles an hour

    Matthew CarrierMatthew CarrierVor 10 Stunden
  • Do ever look at something and thing “that’s violently American”? Yep

    Innocent BystanderInnocent BystanderVor 10 Stunden
  • Is that Joey from Friends?

    larrygen nelllarrygen nellVor 11 Stunden
  • Grand tour did it better.

    Naz SenNaz SenVor 11 Stunden
  • How the F does Top Gear do a race Lambo/Demon and not point out the glaring fact that the whoever was launching that Lambo did an incredibly shitty job! I'm sure dodge paid top gear a pretty penny not to re-do the race nor point it out.

    gilgilVor 12 Stunden
  • Looks and sounds like, oh it’s him 🥴

    Jose VizcarraJose VizcarraVor 12 Stunden
  • Love it!!!!

    Marcio MaiaMarcio MaiaVor 13 Stunden
  • Im still waiting to see old topgear

    Nebojsa ZivkovicNebojsa ZivkovicVor 15 Stunden
  • Start at 5:00

    cody olivercody oliverVor 15 Stunden
  • Drag race went pretty much exactly as expected. Super cars are not made for the quarter mile, and drag cars are not made for road racing.

    MrJeffcoley1MrJeffcoley1Vor 15 Stunden
  • King of the road

    gujjar sbgujjar sbVor 16 Stunden
  • Joeyyyyyy.. with the demon in his head.. 😄👍

    Leonard TambunLeonard TambunVor 16 Stunden
  • Never shows the clocks. I bet it did not go faster than 10.8

    BustedWalletGarageBustedWalletGarageVor 17 Stunden
  • So... I'm supposed to believe Matt Leblanc pulled off that impeccable burnout? 🤔

  • If you bought a demon for the turns, You should buy a funny car (Dragster) and race it on the circle track, You’ll love it.. as will we

    HydropocalypseHydropocalypseVor 21 Stunde
  • Don’t cry 😢wanbo

    Zion LafranceZion LafranceVor 22 Stunden
  • Car so fast it dodge demons👿

    AdamAdamVor 23 Stunden
  • So you compare it to a car built for a road course not drag racing? What was your point again?

    Richard JohnsonRichard JohnsonVor Tag
  • Damn

    Usman RamayUsman RamayVor Tag
  • Lmao @ big american balls 😂😎

  • Now Dodge just need to hire somebody who can design the exterior and interior of the car better.

    Phillips VanPhillips VanVor Tag
  • This was great - I got way more out of this six minutes than the whole episode of The Grand Tour, nice work. 2.3 seconds for 0-100 is bloody mental.

    Matt TaylorMatt TaylorVor Tag
  • Never had problems turning my challenger they actually ride pretty smooth

    36090pburke36090pburkeVor Tag
  • tesla model s is cheaper and does same thing

    Jerry HJerry HVor Tag
  • I thought Tesla was faster

    GDeathGod TDFLGDeathGod TDFLVor Tag
  • You don't want a supercar... you want a one-trick pony!

    Michael TeterMichael TeterVor Tag
  • Camaro zl1 is better and isn’t limited to 168

    Brandon FosterBrandon FosterVor Tag
  • I'd buy one if I could have a custom AWD drive train or a AWD/rwd selector system.

    TheAvengedNightmare2TheAvengedNightmare2Vor Tag
  • that guy driving the lambo doesn’t know how to use launch control also the demon was made to go fast in a straight line and it has drag slicks on

    HassaneepooHassaneepooVor Tag
  • i hate the new top gear but 3:16 was a dam sexy shot

    HassaneepooHassaneepooVor Tag
  • Ya ya Joey nuff talk, let’s get to the part where the demon scorches the “super car”

    Cheese GraterCheese GraterVor Tag
  • At 3:48 the demon looks like the flash while going fast

    Kelly PhanhKelly PhanhVor Tag
    • Pick ur favorite part

      Kelly PhanhKelly PhanhVor Tag
    • 3:47

      Kelly PhanhKelly PhanhVor Tag
  • 4:46 is what you came for

    Samarth SharmaSamarth SharmaVor Tag
  • Now imagin if they made it aerodynamic like the lamborghini

    Owen BameOwen BameVor Tag
  • I want the good old boys, who’s this?

    Edoardo FerrariEdoardo FerrariVor Tag
  • GTR will smoke this American trash

    Johnny BravoJohnny BravoVor Tag
  • Joey?

    Cortez SimmonsCortez SimmonsVor Tag
  • Strangely, no American car ever won a drag race against an European car... in Europe. I wonder why :-) Wait, I know why, Europe will never concede a victory to the colonies.

    Pedro Miguel de Almeida AreiasPedro Miguel de Almeida AreiasVor Tag
  • They never showed what 1\4 mile time he got hahaha it's because it wasn't anywhere near the time Dodge quoted...

    Floodle DoozieFloodle DoozieVor Tag
  • Cool, now put them on track.

    Victor MeloVictor MeloVor Tag
  • That whinny sound..yeeaaah take your friends for a ride joey

    Joe ManansalaJoe ManansalaVor Tag
  • All I hear and see is Joey Tribianni lol

    SebastianSebastianVor Tag
  • Didnt know about sylvester stallone being in the next fast and the forius movie

    Gaming RanchGaming RanchVor Tag
  • But can it turn?

    Daniel GiummuleDaniel GiummuleVor Tag
  • I know Paul Walker enjoyed foreign cars, but if he was here to witness this amazing piece of machinery history 😁

    Justin R.Justin R.Vor Tag
  • And it can go faster than 168mph it can hit 208mph

    Sully GSully GVor Tag
  • The demon was biult as a drag car, not a track car.

    Sully GSully GVor Tag
  • A 7 year old track-focused car with 700 hp vs a current production 804 hp car specially designed for drag racing, both on a dragstrip.... Sounds fair

    El DiabloEl DiabloVor Tag
  • The problem is that the demon is a drag car,it’s for quarter mile domination!so it can’t do terns but it can do a f&@$in weely!and make you look at a car going into the night never to be seen again!

    Alec RingAlec RingVor Tag
  • A boosted Honda Civic will smoke this in a straight away and in turns for a fraction of the price of a Demon lol 😂

    Suave HouseSuave HouseVor Tag
  • take some turns and dodge will crash. Also dodge wont get you pussies. Aventador will.

    Arma LolArma LolVor Tag
  • that supercharger whine is so beautiful 😍

    Zach BrownZach BrownVor Tag
  • Wow that Lamborghini can lost that Dodge challenger demon are more faster than other supercars including Nissan Gtr R35

    Gtrpro 01Gtrpro 01Vor Tag
  • "Joey doesn't share food!!"

    Rohan RaoRohan RaoVor Tag
  • Lmao comparing a track car to a drag car.. no wonder the demon doesn’t handle corners well... because it’s a drag car!

    MEEKO {D187}MEEKO {D187}Vor Tag
  • Probably cheaper buying a regular Dodge Charger or challenger and throwing in the demon motor

    RT 87RT 87Vor Tag
  • 85grans for a dodge Jesus buy luxury for that price American crap for that price ppl are stupid in two years value of that America. Crap you can buy it for 20 grand after doesn’t hold value

    RT 87RT 87Vor Tag
  • I was waiting for Joey to pop out of the trunk

    LowerhaightstreetLowerhaightstreetVor Tag
  • Isn’t this mat lebanc or however it’s spelled Joey from friends

    RT 87RT 87Vor Tag
  • Go Dodge Demon

    Nova ManNova ManVor Tag
  • Is no one gonna talk about the 918 it can 0 to 60 in 2.2 right?

    NotUnequalPond YTNotUnequalPond YTVor Tag
  • 5:38 According to Wikipedia a Tesla model S, and the limited edition Porsche 918 Spyder are faster, although their manufacturer specified acceleration is higher.

    HansHerman1HansHerman1Vor Tag
  • 0-60 times don't qualify a car as the fastest accelerating in the world IMO. Do a rolling race with a 720s or basically any other hypercar and see who wins.

    Josephious BrosifJosephious BrosifVor 2 Tage
  • This is the weirdest episode of friends I’ve ever seen.

    Cayden caamanoCayden caamanoVor 2 Tage
  • That is the guy from friends lol

    BIG BBIG BVor 2 Tage
  • You can so tell he’s not actually the one racing😂😂🤦‍♂️ it you can’t be commentating or checking your mirror casually while doing 9.6 quarters

    Robert MartinezRobert MartinezVor 2 Tage
  • The Lamborghini didn't even get a good launch.

    SaucebossSaucebossVor 2 Tage
  • I totally agree with you Matt on the dodge lol.

    Paranormal OneParanormal OneVor 2 Tage
  • Great video, not to fond of LeBlanc on Friend's but here he did a great job.

    Jonny TheKidJonny TheKidVor 2 Tage
  • You can see the lambo bogged the start...

    SunsetWingmanSunsetWingmanVor 2 Tage
  • Joey is surprisingly good! Love his delivery!

    Dennis AllenDennis AllenVor 2 Tage
  • Dont worry chevy dont worry ford will put america on our backs

    One_eyed_ KingOne_eyed_ KingVor 2 Tage
  • The doge demon is so cool and so fast 👏👏👏👏

    Barrett the TromboneBarrett the TromboneVor 2 Tage
  • I'm broke or else I would buy a Prius.

    cubicq1cubicq1Vor 2 Tage
  • Where is his Porsche leather jacket and hat??

    na xna xVor 2 Tage
  • Good thing DEMON starts with a D and not an L

    Mike FoehrMike FoehrVor 2 Tage
  • Just on TopGear.. In Real Life ? No Demon under 10sec on a 1/4 mile...

    BOB BOBBOB BOBVor 2 Tage
  • i laugh verytime its american vs foreign, esp german. why don't you make it fair and pair american with american? German is a whole different class. Never heard the term "American Engineering " have you? Nope only "German Engineering". american cars aren't meant for speed, they built for capitalism: make money off your dumb ass cutting costs. in Germany, they make cars PURPOSEFULLY fast for the autobahn and safe. the US doesn't need cars going over 80 mph, germany they all go 150 easy so its different

    Run DundadaRun DundadaVor 2 Tage
  • My grandma would drag both of those junk balls.... GAP TRAIN BUD

  • big fat american ice cubes

    Jake KempJake KempVor 2 Tage
  • i saw top gear so i clicked. i saw what kinda top gear now im out. cya guys.

    ZANEZANEVor 2 Tage
  • No what you want is a mclaren 720s.. Yup way more expensive but as stock it is quicker down the drag strip and it'll go round a track so much quicker.. Plus no need to fit new tyres, fuel, or ecu to the damn thing

    Sam DurlingSam DurlingVor 2 Tage
  • Stock lambo on stock tires vs car after tuning on slick tires..............

    LaniR1LaniR1Vor 2 Tage
  • That supercharger noise is an acquired taste

    hungrynappshungrynappsVor 2 Tage
  • the grand tour make that better

    SLAGGER 1SLAGGER 1Vor 2 Tage
  • I wonder if anyone ever say.. 1$ extra... no thanks

    hungrynappshungrynappsVor 2 Tage
  • “This is the fastest accelerating road car in history.” Wait, faster than all the Veyron Variants? Faster than the Chiron? The Aero? The P100D? The Senna? The Sesto Elemento? The Venom? There’s no way that its faster than all of them. Especially the Hennessy Venom.

    goracks69goracks69Vor 2 Tage
Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25