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Dax - "I'm Not Joyner Or Don Q" (Tory Lanez Diss) [Official Video]

(LYRICS BELOW) Did Tory lanez Finally meet his match? Tory Lanez diss track. Yall wanted it, yall got it. BTW SHE CHEATED AGAIN HIT 7.8 million views and !!! Lets keep spreading and growing the family. A storm is coming!!!!!!
Shot by: Thad Swift
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You said you were the best my nigga wat is the criteria
All of that’s subjective like the prices in nigeria
How can you compare yourself to all of your superiors,
A jay, Kendrick, or Cole, my nigga you inferiour
All for social media
You preaching to the choir
I was summoned by the greats I’m Here to force you to retire
I am not preacher I am not teacher I require only pens pencils and pads to burn you in this fire
This is not a game you are playing checkers Ive been playing chess you might be what’s on but im what’s up and I’m what’s on next
prodigy, that’s why they had a ghost writer calling me, I kept it on the hush that’s a Canadian conglomarency, honestly I was taught to play fair won’t make a joke about ya height or your new hair, I won’t talk about your sexuality I don’t care dreamdoll adressed it so I eint finna go there
Tory Lanez you better stay in ya lane, stick to rapping bout the bitches, money, cars and cocaine, I hating cuz I know you putting food on the plate, but if you have no substance you can’t be great, you got bars lil Nigga but they hold no weight, I move mountains with my shit make the whole world Shake I know you feel shit in ya soul word on street lil tory love sucking on toes
I’m jcole the way I diss niggas
Factual facts factually fictionalizing what niggas say in they raps I dissected every that you had said in the past I’m convinced the insecurity stems from a man who doesn’t know, so I will educate and I will you help you grow to best is more than similes metaphors and flows it’s the ability enter in a mufukas soul and than repair it and release it to the motherfucking globe
Man Comon tory
Why you liying to these niggas
Why you claim you the best
What you hiding from the niggas
Get that shit up off yo chest and we’ll still ride for you nigga boi you better show respect pac died for you nigga
In a different category married to game u now divorced and paying alimoney, I am not a saint this is not holy matrimony, I am not your peer I made inside a labaratory
I’m front the same country nigga this is family feud
Ya I love you like a son and I know Drake does too, the bloods thicker than the water so I’ll tell you the truth, you will never be the best you are not that dude
But it ok you will still be rich
Fuck every girl and probably bag every bitch
Have niggas down to ride until the day you quit
Have girls sing along with you to all yo shit
Now let me tell you why I’m qualified my quality is quantified, I’m greatness in the making but it’s actually personified a mammoth feasting through a rap game famine, bars immigrated caught up like you 21 savage, I am not the other people you battled I won’t get personal I rap and sing just like you but it’s purposeful, Don q let you live Joyner murdered you, I cut you up limb by limb this shit is surgical,
To be the best you have to speak on more topics than your riches I’m a rapper for the people your a rapper for the bitches, changing lives I will live and outlast but as soon you stop rapping you’re a thing of the past, just another rapper waiting on a Chequers from a entity you’ll die and be forgotten I will and leave a legacy, rap sing melodies my cadence straight heavenly rap game savoiur you infect it I’m the remedy,
This out of reach I set the bar high, vertically challenged you won’t reach it even if you reply I got a feddish for dead bodies I’ll eat you alive take your heart drink yo blood while I’m watching you die
Tory this tactical highly mathematical divided and subtracted you from thinking it was practical to rap against a nigga who is versed and international and studied in the arts of killing rapper who aren’t rational
So Watchu gon say to pac when I send you up to meet em up in heaven
How u gon explain that you claim you the best but eint got nun to show for it on ya damn record
We don’t care bout cars
We don’t care bout clothes
We don’t care bout money
Tory Lanez nigga we don’t care bout none of that shit
You prime example of a nigga who got it
On the outside but I still they still eint rich
We care bout impact
Nigga did you give back
Every time you rap
Don’t nobody feel that
Nigga you a joke
To think that you can sit amongst greats
All the ones who here now and the one who paved the way
Man that should be me
I’m the one who should be claiming I’m the best
I’m the one rapping saving lives underpaid who eint even fucking worried bout a mufukin cheque


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Dax - "I'm Not Joyner Or Don Q" (Tory Lanez Diss) [Official Video]