ASMR Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Ear Touching, Tapping, Rubbing & Stroking for Sleep & Study 😴

1 hour + ASMR Ear Massage without oil or talking for Study, Sleep & Relaxation 😴
I'm back with another long ear massage and my final one for a while (maybe :P) I had been getting a lot of requests to make a simple massage without any oil, lotion or gloves etc. so here it is. I included quite a lot of the long stroking sounds and also some ear tapping as requested. I think it's a little more repetitive than my other massages, because it's harder to massage the dry ears and the sounds aren't as intense, but I hope this will help to lull you into a peaceful sleep :) Thank you for watching, lots of love and tingles ASMR Magic xoxo
Rough time stamps;
Start - 1:15:06 - Varied massaging, long stroking, rubbing, fast ear tapping, some ear scratching and gentle (in my opinion) cupping :)
1:15:07 - End - Same as above but more gentle and slow, with dimmed lighting and a candle! :)

Ear massage playlist:
Nail polish - 'That's Hula-rious' by OPI :)


  • Hello! ❤️ Here is a link to the pure ear tapping video I promised;

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ASMR Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Ear Touching, Tapping, Rubbing & Stroking for Sleep & Study 😴