• That track yo, banging

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  • This literally could not be any worse: music was super annoying, clickbait, and just the fact that some of these weren’t even embarrassing! Terrible 👎

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  • *4:38** is very nice*

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  • Is the music saying “gay gay gay gay gay, etc.”?

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  • 3:35 WeaVe SnAtChEd

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  • the runner at 4:20 still hasn't crossed the line!

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  • Cuál es el nombre de la canción

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  • My life is worth a fight. Never let anyone treat you or red reduce you to a survivor or a victim. No one has the right to infringe on your boundaries or attempt to cause you fear or abuse you physically, emotionally or verbally. You have every right to keep yourself and free of harm. Your Life is Worth The Fight. You are a Warrior and have the right to keep yourself and your loved ones protected and safe. You can call or text me 24/7 (562) 324-7632, DM me

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  • That one ref can dance!÷

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  • Usain Bolt was injured over there

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  • Music

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  • Boxer in the ropes 😂

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  • The bike one was the coolest thing I have ever seen

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  • Superb

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  • Right. You made it more embarassing

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  • Maybe funny, but most of them aren't even embarassing, that's why you deserve a dislike.

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  • Security dude got MOVES!!!

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  • NFL cup was great! :)

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  • Step one: Click MUTE Step two: Click LIKE on this ear-saving hint -you're welcome

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  • Clickbait

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  • Good morning ! It makes me laugh . Thank you for uploading and sharing !

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  • 4:00 SCOTT STERLING!!!!

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  • MUTE

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  • 4:04 XD

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  • What was the fat guy running against in the previous heats before this one......2 year olds??

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  • B

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  • 02:00 there was nothing embarrassing but freakin COOL!

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  • Instagram of the girl from the thumbnail: @katerynahj

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  • Click bait at its finest. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • 20 most embarrasing moments, 20 most funny moments, or 10 most embarrassing moments? What's it gonna be?

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  • clickbate- dislike

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  • Click Bait BS! Dislike

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  • That security guard was killing it

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  • This video is fucking unwatchable. If someone told me they could take this material and turn it into trash, I wouldnt believe them. But now I've seen it done.

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  • Don't watch it. The blonde girl is not there. Dislike before leaving, please.

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  • The lad from Tuvulu in the Commonwealth Games 100m was actually their top shot-putter. He had qualified for the shot final, and then took the place of his friend who had injured himself warming up for the 100m. Good on him for trying - he could easily beat the other 100m runners at shot-putt.

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  • Buttfumble got snubbed

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  • 4:15 would not say that's embarassing..kek

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  • Did they mark where her wig fell off at? Lol

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  • Terrible video. The "Top 10" format itself has become stale but can still be a foundation for a mildly entertaining video. However, when you have to fill in the majority of the list with irrelavent bullshit, the video becomes unbearable.

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  • That boxer entering and leaving the ring lol

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  • :Excellent

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  • Lol

  • Who is the hot blonde ?

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  • 2:31 I was waiting for a twerk. Hahaha

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  • Not tennis, " the tip of the dick nut crusher" NEW GAME

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  • A man

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  • so why u record them

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  • 1:07 im dead

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  • DE-visions trash be cleaned out. click bait and junk.

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  • How on earth is the fat guy running embarrassing its bloody sad just imagine u were that guy how would u feel to be insulted??

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  • 4:16 The guy running for Tuvalu. Thats not embarrassing. Good on him for taking part. ✊💯

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  • clickbait .... where's the thumbnail???? -1

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  • 1:50 *round of applause* 👏 👏 👏

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  • hi

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  • Better with the sound off.

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  • Fucking Gay ass music !

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  • That bitch weave fell off

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  • It's not embarassing at all

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  • 😱-OMG what a dance moves 2:00

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  • Tung ban OOOOOOOOOOH

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  • Oooh woooh oh sunbun

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  • That bike is a dope bike who has a brain of his own

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  • 2:05 this guy is a legend

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  • That fat boy runnen had to be a joke i can run faster than him .. and.im the same size

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  • I think everyone has had a ball straight to the face in some sport but damn a tennis ball to the balls ugh

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  • 3:35 i just feel bad

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  • 20 most embarrassing moments in sport... if you had asked a 12 year old.

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  • Song please 🙏🙂

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  • HUNG MANG GOOOOOOOO - throughout The Whole video

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  • Clickbait as always with promising hot women in the thumbnail. Funny at some moments. Awful music.

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  • 2:00 that Pussy should stand up and walk alone

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  • Um, only like 2 are embarrassing and both songs are annoying as hell. What a waste. Idt you know what embarrassing means.

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  • What's the name of the girl on the (clickbait) thumbnail?

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  • วีระพงษ์ อารีวีระพงษ์ อารีVor 6 Tage
  • Her dick around my head

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  • Holy Shit that music is annoying AF.. Had to turn it off after 30 seconds

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  • Fucking music

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  • that black dude....awsome

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  • Did ya hafta put that absolutely annoying music throughout?

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  • 1:37

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  • sucks ass

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  • Music ruins it all !

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  • bee gees dont forget to remember me

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  • 4:05 lmao how?

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  • 4:22 i thoughts it was pretty cool how he kept going also at 5:15

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  • Q weu

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  • Just a few mishaps in sport, it happens to everyone

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  • And the mascot saunters away in failure, having been defeated at his own game by the unassuming member of security detail. Surely he will have lost the respect of his pack and will have to endure the often painful and lengthy process of trying to maintain his alpha status in the face of many potential challengers who wish to dethrone him. A disheartening and very humbling experience indeed for this now dejected alpha mascot.

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  • Bolt scene

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  • These videos would be awesome if it weren't for this horrible fucking music

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  • 4:03 - I must protest the inclusion of this clip. The Tuvaluan fellow isn’t fast but he is running his best and representing his country admirably. He surely knew he would lose the race, but that isn’t the point. He ran as fast as he could and, goddammit, that ought to be good enough for anyone.

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  • Somebody lost they ponytail wig. Oopsie

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  • Dude who stomps the ground with his sick ass moves. Crushes the mascot. Well done my good fella

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    • Yeah, that's the best part😏👏👏

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